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Score content based on readability, such as grammar, reading ease, paragraph length, passive voice, consecutive sentences, transition words, and more.

Content marketing analytics

Improving your content marketing requires a complete understanding of your performance. NewsCred’s analytics suite provides all the information you need to optimize your strategy. 

Our comprehensive dashboards give you the pulse of your content’s performance while surfacing actionable next steps for generating increased engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Within NewsCred's CMP, Content Optimizer scores writing to determine its quality and ensure SEO-readiness, as well as provides analyses and recommendations across keywords, readability, and metadata in order to optimize content for search.

Enterprise content marketing platform

Take the guesswork out of your content planning process with NewsCred’s Idea Lab. Use SEO and social trend data to identify topics that will resonate with your audience, rank well in search results, and drive organic traffic. 

Discover the topics your audience is seeking through our related keyword and question recommendations.

Data-driven Ideation

Content is king. Without exceptional content to attract and capture your target audience, achieving business goals isn’t possible. 

Create and curate an extensive collection of standout content – all within a single platform.

Content creation

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Content Optimizer

Scoring & Recommendations to Optimize Content
for Search

Topic & Keyword Recommendations

Leverage Idea Lab's keyword recommendations for proper topic coverage in order to identify areas of opportunity and ensure the content meets audience expectations.

Keyword Usage

Review SEO recommendations across keyword density, outbound linking, meta descriptions and more, in order to optimize copy and increase organic search visibility.

See It In Action

With 93% of online experiences beginning with search, optimizing content to rank well is critical for ensuring your audience can easily discover, understand, and gain value from it.

NewsCred is helping the world's leading brands drive marketing excellence through content.

Content Optimizer | Scoring & Recommendations to Optimize Content for Search

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